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Slay Squad drops new track ‘Seishin’

Slay Squad, equal parts radical art collective and hardcore punk band, has dropped the new track “Seishin” with an official accompanying music video. The video, shot, directed and edited by the group’s own Brahim Gouse, features live footage from one of the group’s live shows.

Slay Squad comprises a tightly knit but ruggedly individualistic brotherhood of visionary provocateurs, rhyme-slingers, beatmakers, video producers, metalcore shredders, bare-knuckle fighters and street philosophers. Completely DIY to this day, the group came together as teenagers and built a foundation around a multitude of shared interests, including hip-hop, metal, photography and skating.

Stream “Seishin” here and watch the video.

“Seishin is the Japanese word for spirit,” the band said. “This song is an expression of empowerment, of trust of self vs external influence, of how we, as melanated people, gotta know what’s really inside of us and trust the perfection that exists within. An expression of our spirit. We are designed perfectly in our own image, why the fuck would we want to be like anyone else?

“One’s environment sculpts one and can indirectly cause you to carry yourself a certain way if you’ve been subject to rough situations. We won’t fall for these evils and influences we’re subjected to. The music video shows us comfortably playing through the fires of the ‘evils’ we’re subjected to. Maintaining our trust of self. Maintaining our spirit.”

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