John Corabi’s autobiography ‘Horseshoes and Hand Grenades’ to be released June 14

John Corabi, best known as the former frontman of Motley Crue and for being a member of The Scream, Union, Ratt and The Dead Daisies, will release his autobiography, “Horseshoes and Hand Grenades,” in June 2022 via Rare Bird.

Co-written with Paul Miles, signed copies of the book are available for pre-order here.

All signed book-only preorders include:

  • Signed hardcover
  • Stickers and swag

All signed Book + Vinyl preorders also include:

  • Monthly while-you-wait preorder bonuses, including chapter excerpts, audiobook samples, instrumental mixes, and behind-the-scenes content not available elsewhere
  • A digital download code of the full vinyl audiobook included in the sealed vinyl jacket
  • Stickers and swag

Vinyl variants include:

  • Deluxe Gatefold w/ Standard Black Vinyl—available through Rare Bird and Distribution
  • Deluxe Gatefold w/ Limited Edition Orange + Black/Gold Splatter—only available through Rare Bird
  • Deluxe Gatefold w/ Limited Edition Gold—only available through Experience Vinyl

In the book, Corabi recounts his life from the mean streets of Philadelphia to the Sunset Strip. Take a look behind the scenes at Corabi’s time fronting Mötley Crüe, Union and The Dead Daisies, as well as his time playing rhythm guitar with Ratt and even his stint as a long-haul trucker. Whether it’s detailing his parents difficult divorce, his family’s dark history of abuse, his run-in with a serial killer or simply the best way to arrive at a wedding—which maybe is by helicopter and maybe it isn’t—he pulls no punches and outlines the good and bad of it all.

“It’s not a tell-all book about any one band that I’ve been in,” Corabi said earlier this year in an interview with Live Metal. “It’s just funny to me. For every Steven Tyler or Eddie Vedder that’s out there, there’s another guy somewhere in his garage writing songs that are a million times better. And for whatever reasons, their lives are like mine. I can’t even say like mine. I’ve actually had a leg up, as well. But they’re just at the right place at the wrong time.

“Everybody sits there and goes, ‘Hard work, perseverance and not taking no for an answer.’ But at the end of the day, there’s one ingredient in this whole scenario that nobody talks about, and that’s luck. Even me, I’ve got friends that I left behind in Philadelphia that were 1,000 times the musician I was. But due to their circumstances—they got married, maybe they had an unexpected kid and they just thought they needed to rethink everything and just went and did a regular job. I don’t know what their things were, but their circumstances led them on a different path. So there’s a lot of luck involved in this whole thing.

“The book is just really about perseverance and the obstacles that this guy overcame and I’m still trying to overcome. I’m sitting here at 62, 30-plus years in the business, and I still feel like I’ve just fallen short of the mark of that one hit song. It just kind of explains everything, my mental status at the time of whatever was happening. It’s a cool read.”

Corabi also recently released a new single, “Cosi Bella.”

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