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Sumo Cyco releases digital deluxe edition of ‘Initiation’

Sumo Cyco has released the “Initiation” Digital Deluxe Edition, featuring four additional songs including the new single “Sun Eater.” “Initiation” (read Live Metal’s review) originally was released in May 2021 via Napalm Records.

“We are ecstatic to get more music out there on the deluxe edition of ‘Initiation,'” frontwoman Skye “Sever” Sweetnam said. “We wrote so many songs for ‘Initiation’ and had some really solid tracks that just didn’t make it on the original track listing. We just can’t keep them to ourselves.”

Discussing the single “Sun Eater,” Sweetnam said: “When I wrote ‘Sun Eater’ I was contemplating life’s big existential questions. No matter what problems we’re faced with, we’re all just here for a moment spinning warp speed through space. When one starts thinking of the big picture, it can also make our everyday problems seem more insignificant. I sing about my inner demons very often in my music, when comparing those demons to a massive sun eating monster of the universe, it really is no match. So, the song is really about seizing the day, because it really is crazy that we even exist.      

“For the video, I wanted to try some 2D animation inspired by Monty Python and some of my favorite movie and TV opening title sequences. I wanted to inject lots of our signature colour but simple compositions of each frame keeping it all very stark and contrasted. In the video, I have created an alter dimensional clinic where my demons are waiting for a cure. I also introduce the mad Nurse who only prescribes one type of pill for everything. A gold pill that harnesses the sun.”

Initiation” Digital Deluxe Edition track listing:          

1) Love You Wrong     
2) Bystander   
3) Vertigo         
4) Bad News   
5) No Surrender          
6) M.I.A.           
7) Cyclone                   
8) Run with the Giants 
9) Overdrive    
10) Power & Control    
11) This Dance Is Doomed      
12) Awakened             
13) New Jive   
14) We Are the Nation 
15) Sun Eater

Order “Initiation” Digital Deluxe Edition HERE.

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