REVIEW: Periphery – ‘Periphery V: Djent Is Not a Genre’

By Greg Maki Djent schment. Never one for subgenre labels, I’ve always thought of Periphery as a progressive metal band—and one of the leading progressive metal bands in the world at that. So while the members of Periphery take a stand—with their tongues at least somewhat in their cheeks—against the label with the title of... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: League of Distortion – ‘League of Distortion’

By Greg Maki If you like your metal melodic with a bit of a modern, technological sheen and a whole lot of rebellious swagger, then let me direct you to Germany’s League of Distortion, the brainchild of vocalist Anna Brunner (Exit Eden) and guitarist Jim Müller (Kissin’ Dynamite). On the band’s self-titled debut, you can... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Skid Row – ‘The Gang’s All Here’

By Greg Maki Bolstered by powerhouse new frontman Erik Grönwall, Skid Row suddenly is relevant again, and that just might be one of 2022’s biggest stories in hard rock. With the young Swedish singer leading the way—he’s the rest of the band’s junior by about a quarter century—Skid Row truly sounds like the chart-topping sensation... Continue Reading →

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