INTERVIEW: Dylan Villain of THE WILD! (March 2020)

With the coronavirus pandemic engulfing the world, times are tough for almost everyone and especially so for a touring rock band that just released a new album. That’s the predicament The Wild! finds itself in now, having unleashed its third release, “Still Believe in Rock and Roll” (review), on March 20, 2020, and being unable... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Wild! – ‘Still Believe in Rock and Roll’

Review by Greg Maki-----“Still Believe in Rock and Roll,” the third release from Canadian band The Wild!, is a blistering battle cry, a giant fist in the air, a celebration of something that, for those of us who have pledged our allegiance to it, is so much more than music. The members of The Wild!—vocalist/guitarist... Continue Reading →

The Wild! returns with 'Still Believe in Rock and Roll'

West Coast Canadian rockers The Wild! have returned with a new full-length album, "Still Believe in Rock and Roll," out now via Entertainment One. Listen to the track "King of This Town" below, and buy/stream the album here. “In a time where our genre has never seemed more lost, we stay the course,” said lead vocalist and guitarist Dylan Villain. “Some of... Continue Reading →

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