REVIEW: Dogma (self-titled)

By Greg Maki See the corpse-painted nuns of Dogma—taking their names from mythological female demons Nixe, Lamia, Abrahel and Lilith—and you might expect to hear a barrage of inhuman shrieks and wails, impenetrable walls of guitars and relentless blast beats, all brought to life through lo-fi production and probably recorded somewhere in the frozen wilderness... Continue Reading →

Dogma joins MNRK Heavy, releases first single ‘Father I Have Sinned’

Mysterious melodic metal cult Dogma has joined the MNRK Heavy roster and unveiled a new video for the track “Father I Have Sinned.” Shrouded in mystery, draped in black cloaks and corpse paint, this dark force known as Dogma has risen. The four enigmatic nuns behind the hook-heavy, classic, power-inspired melodic metal use their music to... Continue Reading →

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