Symphony X, Avatar, Lacuna Coil among bands newly announced for 2024 Milwaukee Metal Fest

The Milwaukee Metal Fest has announced another 19 bands for its 2024 event, scheduled for May 16 to 19, and released the daily lineups. The newly announced bands are Symphony X, Avatar, Lacuna Coil, Destruction, Bleed from Within, Eternal Champion, Devourment, Profanatica, Night Demon, Martyr AD, Uada, Visigoth, Necrofier, Cenotaph, Cloak, Alluvial, Viogression, Beyond Threshold... Continue Reading →

INTERVIEW: Mateo von Bewitcher of BEWITCHER

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Bewitcher has been a force in the underground speed metal scene since forming in 2013. The blasphemous band released its self-titled debut in 2016, followed it with “Under the Witching Cross” three years later and had big touring plans in 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. The lack of live... Continue Reading →

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