Max and Iggor Cavalera set ‘Max & Iggor Return Beneath Arise’ tour

Max and Iggor Cavalera, founding members of Seplutura, will present the "Max & Iggor Return Beneath Arise” tour starting in May 2022. The brothers will perform a hybrid set list exclusively of cuts from the classic Sepultura albums "Beneath the Remains" (1989) and "Arise" (1991). Since Sepultura's formation over 30 years ago, the Cavalera brothers have each seen unparalleled success in the music... Continue Reading →

Crowbar debuts ‘Bleeding from Every Hole’ video

New Orleans sludge metal band Crowbar has unleashed the music video for "Bleeding from Every Hole," from its upcoming album "Zero and Below" (March 4, 2022, MNRK Heavy; pre-order here). The new album is Crowbar's 12th studio effort and first since 2016's "The Serpent Only Lies." “I really love this track," guitarist/vocalist Kirk Windstein said.... Continue Reading →

Crowbar to release new album ‘Zero and Below’ on March 4

Pioneering New Orleans, Louisiana, sludge metal band Crowbar will release its long-awaited new full-length, "Zero and Below," on March 4, 2022, via MNRK Heavy. The band has unveiled the record's artwork, track listing and first single/video, "Chemical Godz," all of which can be seen below. "Zero and Below" is Crowbar's 12th studio album and first since... Continue Reading →

INTERVIEW: Max Cavalera (2019)

I've been writing that the last few years have been a celebration of Max Cavalera and his incredible career in metal, first with the mighty Sepultura, and now with the Soulfly tribe. With "Ritual" being released last year, Soulfly now has 11 studio of albums just on its own. It's truly unbelievable.
Below, in what is becoming a regular column here, Live Metal's Jeff Maki caught up once again with the iconic guitarist, vocalist and ambassador of metal, Max Cavalera. "Ritual," touring, and all things Soulfly are discussed. Plus, did anyone know that Max is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? I didn't. And is rock really "dead?" Max has the best answer we've heard yet. Read on ...

Cavalera Conspiracy: Watch a full set of Max & Iggor Cavalera’s “Return Beneath Arise Tour”

Hot off "Return To Roots," the Cavalera brothers just don't stop. These past couple of years have been an ongoing anniversary celebration of all things Cavalera. After playing Russia (and scoring straight A's according to manager, Gloria Cavalera), the brothers have continued their "Return Beneath Arise" tour in South and Central American, playing the classic... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Soulfly – ‘Ritual’

Review by Jeff Maki ----- What a time it must be to be Max Cavalera. He reunited with his brother Iggor years ago in Cavalera Conspiracy and has released some killer studio albums, including the most recent, the old-school-Sepultura-influenced "Psychosis" (review). The Brazilian tribesman are touring under the moniker of "Beneath Arise," performing—you guessed it.... Continue Reading →

ALBUM ANNIVERSARY: Sepultura ‘Beneath the Remains’ is released April 7, 1989

April 7, 1989, Sepultura released its third album, and first for Roadrunner Records - "Beneath the Remains." This was the album that broke the Brazilian metal band into the metal underground, and coincidentally, it was my first taste of Sepultura. In fact, this was the first real death metal album I ever owned. Before Sepultura,... Continue Reading →

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