REVIEW: Adelitas Way – ‘Getaway’

Review by Greg Maki
The chorus of “Bad Reputation” the lead single from Adelitas Way’s fourth album, “Getaway,” serves as a manifesto for the band and, specifically, frontman Rick DeJesus:

“Don’t tell me what I should do or say
“’Cause I want to do it my own way
“I don’t give a fuck what you think, what you say
“I got a bad reputation”

The band has backed up that declaration through its actions, parting ways with Virgin Records, its home for its first three albums, in favor of taking the independent route and using PledgeMusic to fund “Getaway.” No more compromises with people in suits who don’t believe in rock music anymore. This is a rock band that puts on some of the best live shows in the business with complete creative control, finally capturing on record the raw power and energy it brings to the stage.

“Getaway” is simply a great hard rock album from start to finish—11 songs with stomping rhythms, huge riffs and unforgettable hooks. There isn’t a ballad in sight, and even better, there is absolutely no pandering to the current state of rock radio. The band wears its ‘90s grunge influences proudly while throwing in a stronger dose of classic rock flavor than it’s offered before on tracks such as the bluesy “The Good Die Young” and “Shame,” and the incendiary “Filthy Heart”—my favorite Adelitas Way song to date due in part to Robert Zakaryan’s blistering guitar solo.

The five songs from last year’s “Deserve This” digital EP appear here, as well. If you’ve heard them, they provide a feel for the flavor of “Getaway” as a whole. No two songs sound alike, though, and they’re all worthy album tracks—nothing even close to filler here. It makes me wish more bands had the vision and courage to take their careers into their own hands like Adelitas Way has.

(The Vegas Syn/Fuel Music, 2016)

Rating: 9/10


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