REVIEW: Kreator – ‘Gods of Violence’

Satan is real
Satan is real
Horror for tyranny
Human catastrophe
Satan is real
Satan is real
Open your eyes and you’ll see
Satan is real

The question is, how many times can you chant this chorus at your day-job before you start to get strange looks? The answer: once. 

This unholy anthem comes courtesy of long-running German thrash pioneers, Kreator. Formed in 1982, the band released its 14th album, “Gods of Violence” January 27, 2017, recorded with the same lineup it’s had since 2001. Now that these amazing credentials are out of the way, what makes Kreator’s 14th album so great that it ends up on my year end list?

To start, it’s fucking Kreator. To finish, this is fucking thrash at its best. And like another thrash band on my year end, Overkill, Kreator also know their strengths from being in the game for so long. They know how to set the tone with an evil intro in “Apocalypticon,” add a lethal dose of melodic death on “Totalitarian Terror,” compose and epic title track in “Gods of Violence”, and pen a new unholy anthem for the band: “Hail to the Hordes.” And, of course, swear allegiance to you know who.

Around and in between is perfectly executed thrash metal—more thrash than the newest Slayer, certainly than Metallica, and OK, more thrash than Megadeth’s “Dystopia,” as well.

Released January 27, 2017, Nuclear Blast Records

Rating: 9/10


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