REVIEW: Overkill – ‘The Grinding Wheel’

Released February 10, 2017, “The Grinding Wheel” is unbelievably the 18th album for New Jersey thrashers Overkill. The “Wrecking Crew” released one of its best in years. But really, have they ever released a bad album? Not that I can remember. For me, this one stands head to head with classics like “Under The Influence,” “The Years of Decay” and “Horrorscope!”

One can quickly point out standout thrash anthems like “Mean Green Killing Machine” (the band’s new theme song), the catchy as hell “Goddamn Trouble,” “Come Heavy” and the exhibit in thrash perfection with opener “Our Finest Hour,” but there’s not a track to skip on this album.

When I interviewed vocalist Bobby “Blitz”Ellsworth at the time of release, he said don’t listen to this on your headphones or ipod, play it on your home stereo on “big speakers.” Boy, was he right, with the best production ever on an Overkill record, this fucker will shake, rattle & roll your house down. Could this be no.1? “The Grinding Wheel” debuted at number 69 on the Billboard 200, making it the second highest position of Overkill’s career. These boys “ain’t never gonna stop!”

Released February 10, 2017, Nuclear Blast Records

Rating: 10/10

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