REVIEW: Liv Sin – ‘Follow Me’

Continuing my Best of 2017, next up is the debut album by Liv Sin “Follow Me,” featuring vocalist Liv Jagrell, formerly of Swedish hard rockers Sister Sin.The release has largely fallen under the radar but this is top notch classic metal, leaps and bounds above Sister Sin. With an incredible band, expect ripping solos, screaming vocals in the vein of classic ’80’s metal like Judas Priest, Helloween, Doro and Grim Reaper, but with a shredding modern production.

With the fist-pumping lead single “Let Me Out” (which will have you singing the Helloween track with a very similar title), the near black metal track “Black Souls,” the anthemic “King of the Damned” (supporting animal rights) and a cover of Rob Halford’s Fight’s “Immortal Sin” featuring Jyrki 69 of The 69 Eyes), “Follow Me” has great replay ability and is a metalhead’s wetdream brought to life.

This one will be hard to top but I’m definitely following Liv wherever she’s taking me next!

Released April 28, 2017, Despotz Records

Rating: 9/10

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