Live Metal staffer assaulted trying to attend Trivium show in Baltimore

Last night, on Halloween, I arrived in Baltimore, Maryland, at about 6:30 p.m. to see Trivium and Arch Enemy at Baltimore Soundstage. We frequent this venue all the time. I parked my car in a garage on Gay Street and walked out of the exit toward the venue. I had noticed packs of juveniles up and down the block, thinking it was due to it being Halloween. Right? So I proceeded to walk up the street, and about 50 feet later, I suddenly was cold cocked with an uppercut to the side of my face. This all happened in a split second. They were trying to knock me out and mug me. After realizing what had happened, I turned around and shouted loudly, “What the fuck!” There was a group of about eight or more juveniles behind me; the one who hit me wearing an oversized, white skull mask. He looked like he was going to come at me more. After seeing I didn’t go down from the punch, the pack yelled to him, “Come on! Come on, man!” and they freaked, running off in all directions. They got nothing from me. However, I now have an ugly black eye, a laceration that had to be glued above my eyelid and a bad fucking headache. Worst part is, I missed the show.

This isn’t meant to draw attention to me; it’s meant as a precautionary tale for us metalheads to be extremely cautious walking to and from venues. Especially in Baltimore. Looking through the news headlines, these incidents of innocent bystanders being attacked have been going on for a while now, nearly identical to mine.

Us metalheads and the bands we see always talk about having each other’s backs in the pit and picking someone up if they go down. We are a family, and we’re there to have fun. It’s no one’s fault, obviously, but maybe we should form an “alliance” or “band” to see that all us fans get in and out of city venues safely, travel in groups and be on high alert when getting back to our cars. If you see someone alone or if you have two smaller groups, join up together and get home. We were just sweating all over each other in the venue, right? Strength in numbers, strength beyond strength.

I’ll help start it, let me know.


This won’t stop me from going to shows—no way. This is what we’ve been doing for 12 years with our website and for over 25 years of my life. But in the future, every one of us metalheads should have a different mindset and be extremely cautious.

Our good friend, Bob Suehs, of Baltimore-based Rock N Roll Experience,was at the Trivium show last night. Concerned for my well-being and also cautioning fans heading to the area in the future, he caught up with me for even more details:

It was a taller, slender male wearing an oversized cheap skull Halloween mask (like the ones in Rite Aid or CVS). He was bouncing around like he was going to come at me again, but then I heard the others behind him yelling “alright man, come on, come on! After noticing I didn’t go down, they all took off. There were at least 8 of them, 2-3 younger girls in the front with phones, and the older males (5-6) in back. For that hour or so I felt like I was in “The Purge.” Seriously.

Head over to his site and check it out here. Plus, read his review of the Trivium/Arch Enemy show that I never got to see! With set lists!


Trivium delivered a strong set and gave the sold out Baltimore Soundstage crowd a show they will never forget. —  Bob Suehs


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