REVIEW – ‘We All Want Our Time in Hell’ (tribute to Samhain, various artists)

Review by Jeff Maki
Samhain, the less celebrated band of Glenn Danzig’s legendary career, formed in 1983 after the Misfits dissolved. “Less celebrated” doesn’t mean it wasn’t good, but most often the goth-infused Samhain is seen as the band that eventually took on the vocalist’s surname and became the Danzig as we know and remember it., I’m guilty as charged as well, usually or almost always listening to the Misfits and the first four Danzig albums, save for maybe select tracks from Samhain around Halloween season. I don’t know if this tribute album “We All Want Our Time in Hell,” will sway anyone’s opinion, but it’s convinced me to grab my shovel and head over to the nearest graveyard to dig a little deeper.

Curated by Child Bite frontman Shawn Knight (which covers “Unbridled” from arguably the band’s most popular album, 1986’s “Samhain III: November-Coming-Fire”) and due out May 4, 2018, via Corpse Flower Records, the 40-minute collection is limited to only 300 physical copies on vinyl. Hopefully this becomes available on streaming platforms so it can be heard because there’s some good, raw and deep cuts here. (It is listed in the pre-order as including unlimited streaming with purchase via the free Bandcamp app.)

Here’s what Knight said about Samhain, and he hits the coffin’s nail on the head:

“I’ve been a huge fan of Glenn Danzig’s music ever since I was a 13-year-old kid, just a couple years after Samhain had dissolved. MTV introduced me to Danzig, and a friend’s older brother—along with Metallica’s ‘Garage Days Re-Revisited EP’—got me into the Misfits. Discovering Samhain took a bit more digging, and always felt that much more mysterious because of it. All of the classic Danzigian elements are present; murky atmosphere, dark/taboo lyrics, catchy hooks and melodies, gritty DIY art and recordings, and of course that Evil Elvis voice. I’ve always felt that this less celebrated period of Danzig’s output deserved more love, and I hope that our small tribute will introduce a few more kids to the music of Samhain.”

There have been a few Misfits tributes, but this is the first to Samhain (at least that I know of), but I’d compare the sound, the raw recordings and heavier takes on the songs to the excellent Misfits tribute “Violent World: A Tribute to the Misfits,” released in 1997 via Caroline Records.

Standouts here are the goth/synth instrumental opener “Night Chill” by Toxic Holocaust’s Joel Grind (which really sets the spooky mood), “Mother of Mercy” performed by Midnight (containing the album’s title lyric), “Halloween II” by Acid Witch (one we ALL should know) and Immortal Bird’s blistering black metal take on “I Am Misery.”

“We All Want Our Time in Hell” track listing:
1. “Night Chill” – Joel Grind
2. “Mother of Mercy” – Midnight
3. “In My Grip” – Nil Eye
4. “Black Dream” – Ringworm
5. “Macabre” – Ghoul
6. “Halloween II” – Acid Witch
7. “The Howl” – Multicult
8. “The Shift” – Like Rats
9. “Kiss Of Steel” – Shed The Skin
10. “I Am Misery” – Immortal Bird
11. “Unbridled” – Child Bite
12. “Human Pony Girl” – Brain Tentacles
13. Archangel – Ritual Howls

For preorders, go to THIS LOCATION. Vinyl is available in three color variants (black, white and orange).

Corpse Flower Records, May 4, 2018

RATING: 8.5/10

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