REVIEW: Diamante – ‘Coming in Hot’

Review by Greg Maki
“Coming in Hot,” the debut album from 21-year-old Mexican-Italian American, Boston-raised, Los Angeles-based, blue-haired Diamante, bristles with youthful energy and rock ‘n’ roll attitude, signalling the arrival of a compelling new voice on the national scene.

With 14 songs, the album might seem a bit daunting at first, but with none topping four minutes, it moves swiftly from track to track, each one seemingly more infectious than the last. A strong pop influence runs through the record, but working with veteran producer Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, Chris Cornell, Halestorm, Kelly Clarkson), Diamante never allows it to overpower the rock foundation of the songs.

The singer wastes no time letting the listener know what she’s about, launching straight into the arena-ready, Joan Jett-channeling title track. If this song doesn’t get you fired up for the weekend, I don’t know what will. (Too bad I’m writing this on a Tuesday.) Other notable numbers include “Had Enough” (we’ve all been there, haven’t we?), the anthemic “F.L.A.G.” (which stands for “Fight Like a Girl”), the harder-edged “Haunted,” a cover of Heart’s “Crazy on You” and the great anti-love song “Definitely Not in Love.”

The penultimate track is the industrial-tinged “War Cry”—a fitting title, because I can imagine this entire album becoming a war cry for a lot of young listeners.

Rating: 8/10

(Better Noise Records/Eleven Seven Music, June 15, 2018)


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