Silent Civilian launches GoFundMe campaign for third album

Silent Civilian, the band led by former Spineshank vocalist Jonny Santos, has started a GoFundMe campaign in support of its upcoming third album. Guitarist Dave Delacruz organized the campaign.

UPDATE: The GoFundMe campaign shut down after raising $5,435.

In December 2019, Santos posted the following message to social media:

“So the rumors are true and because of recent changes in my life I’ve been able to commit and come out of retirement. Silent Civilian will begin pre-production on our 3rd album entitled ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ the first week of February with a late summer release and world tour to follow. This was a difficult decision to make as I’ve been living a more home based life the last 7 years, and because of my club, my touring won’t be as extensive as it was in the past, but making music for the masses has been a huge part of my life and has called me back to do what I do best. The band is more relevant than ever and the fans are foaming at the mouth for this record, so buckle the fuck up because I’m back and I’m really pissed off! Act accordingly and get in the fucking pit!!!”

The band posted the following message on its GoFundMe page:

“We’ve made a promise and we are sticking to it. Silent Civilian is back! We are raising funds to help support the THIRD official album and follow it with a tour!

“But… we do need your help!

“We invite you to be apart of the creating process! That process can be all time consuming, very expensive, and in order for us to deliver the best possible album we know we will give you and in a timely matter, we need to make this a full time priority.

“If you’d like to be apart and support our journey to deliver the new Silent Civilian album and tour, all funds raised will be going to just that! Funds will be used for the processes of timely writing, mixing, mastering, distribution of the album, physical copies and bundles, new wearable merchandise, and tour support!

“Our promise:

“The album is currently in the writing process. We will deliver the album no matter how much or how little support is raised by you all, our family. Raising enough will ensure top of the line production and a timely release. We’ve been promising and hinting at this album for too long now. We are ready, We are driven, and we are working. Be apart of this amazing journey and you will be rewarded for it!

“Thank you all for your support,


Silent Civilian released its debut album, “Rebirth of the Temple,” in 2006 via Mediaskare Records. Its second album, “Ghost Stories,” was released in 2010 via Mediaskare/Century Media Records. The band has been inactive since completing the “Ghost Stories” touring cycle in 2011.

Many musicians have played with the band, with Santos as the only constant member. There has been no word on the band’s current lineup.

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