PICKS OF THE WEEK: Rise Of The Northstar – “Here Comes the Boom”

Though I’ve been slacking on my picks of the week, today’s is a good one: Europe’s biggest crossover band, Rise Of The Northstar.

Having recently checked them out via YouTube Music, I was pleasantly surprised when this press release reached me the very next day. Rise Of The Northstar has recently joined one of independent rock music’s leading labels in the USA, the Los Angeles based SharpTone Records. And the newly minted deal comes ahead of the band’s highly anticipated sophomore album, “The Legacy of Shi,” which is due out October 19th. The album was recorded with Gojira’s Joe Duplantier in his Brooklyn, NY-based Silver Cord Studios.

Rise Of The Northstar is feeding the frenzied excitement for the forthcoming release with a music video for a brand new single called “Here Comes The Boom.” Check it out below:

“We chose this track as the first single of our new album because it’s a perfect synthesis, from the way it sounds to the lyrics, everything is summed up in this song. Attaque contre-attaque, here comes the boom.” – RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR

Over the course of the past 4 years, the internationally acclaimed band has become a household name for crossing 90’s metal, rap, hardcore and Japanese culture as well as brutal and intense live shows. After the release of their globally praised debut album, “Welcame” (2014), the band embarked on countless tours, leaving dropped jaws everywhere. With their new, crushing album in store, the Northstar will rise to unknown heights.


“The Legacy Of Shi” Tracklisting:
1. The Awakening
2. Here Comes The Boom
3. Nekketsu
4. Kozo
5. Teenage Rage
6. Step By Step
7. This Is Crossover
8. Cold Truth
9. All For One
10. Furyo’s Day
11. The Legacy Of Shi

Pre-order “The Legacy of Shi” here.

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