PICKS OF THE WEEK: Jesus Piece – “Punish”

After hearing this track on SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal, my pick of the week goes to Philadelphia’s Jesus Piece. A self-proclaimed hardcore band, this music borders on death metal, in particular with this song, “Punish” (listen below). The band just released its full-length, “Only Self” on August 24th via Southern Lord.

Buy the album in various formats here!

Philadelphia’s Jesus Piece traffic in highly sophisticated hardcore, clearly taking influence from Converge, Disembodied and their ilk for their own unique form of discordant catharsis. Not ones to shy away from a solid breakdown, the band knows when simple is just better — making the mean parts meaner and the rest of it a bit more explosive. Jesus Piece are both exacting and scattershot, but they never feel anything less than genuine, a boiling-over pot of emotion, spitting bits of scalding vitriol at anyone that comes close. – Revolver Magazine

“Only Self” tracklisting:
1. Lucid
2. Workhorse
3. Punish
4. Curse of the Serpent
5. In the Silence
6. Adamant
7. Neuroprison
8. Dog No Longer
9. I
10. II
11. Oppressor


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