Original Filter members making new album

For the first time in more than 20 years, the original founding members of Filter—Richard Patrick and Brian Liesegang—are making a new Filter album together.

They’ve chosen to enlist their fans in the creation and release of this new collaboration. To that end, the band is launching a PledgeMusic Campaign at https://www.pledgemusic.com/filter.  The final album title will be decided upon by fans.

Patrick has led Filter for the past 20 years, releasing many hit records (including “Title of Record” and “The Almagamut”). Liesegang has been working with many others, including Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), Paul McCartney and the Dalai Lama. Both have been scoring and contributing music for motion pictures, video games, TV shows, commercials and different technological endeavors.

Recently they were challenged from the stage in mid-performance by their mutual friend Louise Post of Vercua Salt, who stopped her concert to admonish them “to bury any bullshit, forget the crap and get their shit together.” The two had an interesting conversation on the drive home. In what started as an experiment to see what “might happen,” the two have rediscovered their friendship and their “yin and yang” working style.

The new music Filter is making is not a mandate against conservatism or the right. The music Filter is making is not a mandate for liberal left sweeping agendas. Filter doesn’t care if you are a Republican or a Democrat or an Independent. The band simply advocates and encourages active thought and participating in changing the world we all share together. Decisions are yours to be made. Just make them well informed.

The two disenfranchised young men who met each other in Nine Inch Nails and had shared an epiphany together at the Grand Canyon are back.


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