LIVE RECAP: Tenacious D – 11/07/18 – The Anthem – Washington, D.C.

Review by Greg Maki
Tenacious D—i.e. Jack Black and Kyle Gass—has been out of the spotlight for awhile, having just released its first new work in six years—the animated film “Post-Apocalypto” and accompanying album of the same name. But the long-running comedy-rock duo’s fans came out in force on a Wednesday night to sell out the 6,000-capacity Anthem. And did “The D” ever deliver.

Kyle Gass, left, and Jack Black of Tenacious D

Splitting its set into two distinct portions, the first half was dedicated to the new record, with segments of the film, featuring Black’s hand-drawn images, projected onto a screen filling the entire stage, and the band, behind said screen, performing the accompanying songs between scenes. In true D fashion, “Post-Apocalyptico” (watch the full movie below) relies on juvenile humor that’s as crude as the artwork, but it’s also surprisingly relevant (one of the villains is Donald Trump Jr.).

At the close of the rock opera, the screen lifted and the band launched into the “greatest hits” part of the night. As much as the crowd seemed to enjoy “Post-Apocalypto,” this is what the people paid to see—”Kickapoo,” “Beelzeboss,” “Kielbasa,” “Tribute,” “Wonderboy,” “Fuck Her Gently,” and the list goes on.

tenaciousd110718_31Tenacious D started in the 1990s as something of a joke—two overweight, decidedly uncool dudes with acoustic guitars and dreams of superstardom. Nearly 25 years later, JB and KG have become the rock gods they envisioned back in the early days, whether those aspirations were real or not. They’re a little rounder now, and the beards are white and gray, but the showmanship and performance is right where it always was.

For an hour and 45 minutes in all, Tenacious D threw the best party one could hope to find on a Wednesday night in the nation’s capital.


Part 1 (“Post-Apocalypto”): “Hope,” “Making Love,” “Take Us into Space,” “Fuck Yo-Yo Ma,” “Daddy Ding Dong,” “Robot,” “Colors,” “JB Jr. Rap,” “Woman Time,” “Save the World,” “Post-Apocalypto Theme (Reprise)”

Part 2: “Rize of the Fenix,” “Low Hangin’ Fruit,” “Throwdown,” “Kickapoo,” “Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown),” “The Metal,” “Dio,” “Kielbasa,” “Tribute,” “Double Team,” (encore) “Wonderboy,” “Fuck Her Gently”

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