PICKS OF THE WEEK: Myrkur – ‘Juniper’

Myrkur, a.k.a. Danish multi-instrumentalist Amalie Bruun, has announced the forthcoming release of a new EP, “Juniper,” set for December 7th, and offered up a lush, stirring video for the record’s title track.

Shot on 16mm film, the clip combines a wide-eyed and in-your-face performance by Bruun, woven into scenes featuring a small, blonde girl in various woodland settings. She holds a dead bird, stroking its lifeless body as if trying to bring the creature back to life. An onslaught of deathly images focused on the entrails and corpses of deceased animals follows, ending on a peaceful note as the girl sleeps, seemingly safely, in her bed.

Initially the real-life identity of the person behind Myrkur was kept unknown, however her identity has since been made public. Myrkur has released two full-length studio albums to significant critical acclaim, as well as a live album and one EP. Her most recent album, “Mareridt,” was released on September 15, 2017 through Relapse Records.

Recently, Myrkur was the opening act for the Smashing Pumpkins overseas and she even joined Billy Corgan onstage for the band’s popular cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide.”

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