Lamb Of God: Watch the band’s full set from Hellfest 2019

With the summer festival season in full swing, we’re selecting a few high-quality videos that we’ve found. Sure, they are out there on YouTube, but we’re showing them to you here. Check out Lamb of God’s full set from the 14th edition of the Hellfest rock festival in Clisson, western France below.

Organizers say that 60,000 metalheads attended the festival which ran from June 21-23rd and featured six stages, with headliners KISS and Tool.

Watch Lamb of God inside!

by ARTE Concert

Omerta – 3:34
Ruin – 8:22
Walk With Me In Hell – 13:46
Now You’ve Got Something To Die For – 18:56
512 – 24:45
Engage The Fear Machine – 29:55
Blacken The Cursed Sun – 35:51
Hourglass – 41:46
Descending – 45:58
Laid To Rest – 51:35
Redneck – 56:20


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