Saint Asonia embarks on ‘virtual tour’

As a way to continue to perform live for its fans during the current quarantine conditions, Saint Asonia has embarked a “virtual tour” where the band will perform on the the different social media platforms of rock radio stations around the country. The band will add a local flavor to each performance.

The band also just released its latest single, “Blind.” Watch the lyric video below.

“It’s been really important to myself and the band to do everything we can to try and stay connected with fans, and with the people who play our music,” singer Adam Gontier said. “We wouldn’t be where we are without the amazing love and support rock radio has shown us over the years. We ended up having this really unique opportunity to play live acoustic shows for a number of stations throughout the month of May, and we’re really excited to do it. During this strange and somewhat disappointing period in time, it’s the least we can do. We’re stoked to do a virtual tour and play some shows for all of the people who support us.”

He continued: “It also gives us a chance to introduce our new single ‘Blind’ to people. It’s a song about pushing through to the end, no matter how tough it gets. It’s a strong sentiment, considering what the world is going through.”

Saint Asonia continues to hold #SaintAsoniaHappyHour sessions every Friday night, which are all about the talk, the tunes and the connection with fans.

Saint Asonia, featuring former Three Days Grace frontman Gontier and Staind guitarist/founding member Mike Mushok, released its sophomore effort, “Flawed Design,” in fall 2019 via Spinefarm Records.

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