Clint Lowery releases ‘Grief & Distance’ EP

Sevendust co-founder, vocalist and guitarist Clint Lowery has surprise released the “Grief & Distance” EP via Rise Records. Lowery recorded the five-song set entirely in quarantine at Sawhorse Studios. The EP features three new songs, as well as acoustic versions of “What’s the Matter” and “Kings” from Lowery’s January 2020-released solo debut “God Bless the Renegades.”

“This EP was my way to process the loss of my mother, and the hard hit and the uncertainty of my livelihood from the pandemic,” Lowery said. “I escaped into my basement and into the songwriting process … It never fails me.”

Listen to and purchase “Grief & Distance” here.

Track listing:

  1. “Distance”
  2. “Haunted”
  3. “I’m Wrong”
  4. “What’s the Matter” (Acoustic Version)
  5. “Kings” (Acoustic Version)

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