Killswitch Engage to re-release debut album on vinyl

Killswitch Engage is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its debut album this year. The first self-titled album, which originally arrived on July 4, 2000, will be released on vinyl for the first time on Oct. 9. The vinyl release will be available in two color variants: Clear with Mint Splatter and a Coke Bottle Clear/Olive Green split. It will include expanded artwork by bassist Mike D’Antonio and four bonus tracks from the band’s 1999 demo.

“I had a lot of fun taking this artwork apart and putting it back together,” Mike D. said. “I especially had a good time searching through all the old photos and reminiscing. It was a simpler time in 2000 and the ‘hunger’ in the music still shines through to this day.”

“I wrote lyrics and did vocals for this album in a handful of days,” singer Jesse Leach said. “From what I can I recall, it was raw, emotive, and filled with a certain cathartic power. This was us at our most primal and most stripped down stage. This was the beginning and still holds the core of what I believe to be the heart of what this band still is deep inside.

“I am honored and privileged to be a part of this album. Before any big labels, world tours, and even the term ‘metalcore,’ it was just us four guys playing metal steeped in hardcore roots. We had no regard for a career, ambition, or any thought of longevity or legacy.”

Pre-orders are live here.

A limited amount of both color variants will be available and bundled with an exclusive t-shirt at the band’s official store. Get the bundle here.

Both color variants will also be available at Metal Blade’s pre-order and at retailers nationwide.

Track listing:

“Temple from the Within”
“Vide Infra”
“Rusted Embrace”

“Numb Sickened Eyes”
“In the Unblind”
“One Last Sunset”
‘Prelude” (Bonus 1999 Demo)
“Soilborn” (Bonus 1999 Demo)
“Vide Infra” (Bonus 1999 Demo)
“In the Unblind” (Bonus 1999 Demo)

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