Infected Rain enters studio

Moldovan metal band Infected Rain has entered the studio to record its fifth full-length album.

“Working on the new album is like a breath of fresh air for us!” vocalist Lena Scissorhands said. “We needed this like never before! So much to say, so much to talk about … This challenging year gave us a lot to think about on a personal and social level. Every song here is painfully sincere and raw, digesting it might take you a minute.”

The band also has released new “singthrough” video featuring a studio performance by Lena of the hard “Taphephobia,, cut from its most recent album, “Endorphin.”

Order “Endorphin” here.

Discussing “Endorphin,” Lena told Live Metal in an interview earlier this year: “This album is very, very unique because it’s a very personal album for me. Every album is, but this specific one is a little bit deeper because I’ve been through a pretty difficult year and a half, basically before starting recording and while recording this album, and everything I write about is basically my feelings and frustration of that specific time in my life. For me, it was super challenging to sometimes face it and take it out and sing about it, scream about it.”

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