Cane Hill shares ‘Kill Me’ video

New Orleans band Cane Hill has dropped the video for a new song titled “Kill Me.”

“I think if this year has taught me anything, it’s that this dreadful voice of negativity in my head is loudest when my life is quiet,” vocalist Elijah Witt said. “Just like everyone else, my mental health has taken a steep decline this year, and giving life to that horrific voice was the easiest way for me to try and combat it. ‘Kill Me’ is what I feel in the parts of me I can ignore when life is normal.”

About the accompanying video, which is steeped in the traditions and culture of the band’s native city, Witt said: “‘Kill Me’ adds another chapter to ‘Krewe De La Mort’ that continues to bring Louisiana folklore to life. Building upon the visual intensity we established with ‘P.O.T.H.,’ we worked closely with Dreamseeker Productions in further exploring elements of witchcraft and the occult while staying true to these Cajun tales.”

Cane Hill also recently released the single and video “Power of the High.”

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