Anthrax to release mini-turntable, 3-inch vinyl discs for Record Store Day

Anthrax has joined up with Record Store Day to release a  limited-edition, custom Anthrax mini-turntable and a four, three-inch vinyl disc bundle (sold separately). For the vinyl discs, the band reached back into its rich catalogue for four favorites:  “Madhouse,” “I Am the Law,” “Got the Time” and “Discharge.”

Taking inspiration from the 3-inch turntable creation in Japan, the band’s Charlie Benante, who oversees all of Anthrax’s artwork, orchestrated creating the minis’ cover art in the style of the 7-inch record covers he collected from Iron Maiden and KISS. One-thousand of the turntables and 1,000 of the vinyl bundles will be exclusively available via RSD.

One of the 1,000 mini-turntables will include a Golden Ticket, the winner to be the recipient of a personal ZOOM call from Anthrax’s Joey Belladonna and Frank Bello.

“I’m really happy about being part of this,” Belladonna said. “I love being able to reach out and connect with our fans, so being a ‘first prize’ in this contest and having the opportunity to have a real conversation with one of our fans is really terrific.”

Bello said, “I love the idea of the golden ticket, it’s a cool ‘Willy Wonka’ moment, and it’ll be fun to just shoot the sh*t with one of our fans.”

Record Store Day, a global celebration of the culture of the record store, will be broken up into two “drops” this year, similar to the way it was done in 2020. The two “drop” dates will be June 12 and July 17; the Anthrax custom turntables 17 and vinyl bundles will be available in conjunction with the second “Ddrop,” on July 17 and July 9 respectively.

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