Bewitcher drops ‘Electric Phantoms’ video, new album out now

Portland, Oregon’s Bewitcher has released a music video for “Electric Phantoms” from its just-released third album, “Cursed Be Thy Kingdom” (Century Media Records).

Read Live Metal’s review of the album and a new interview with guitarist/vocalist Matteo von Bewitcher.

Buy “Cursed Be Thy Kingdom” here; note that the vinyl version of the album will be released on May 14, 2021.

“Windswept highways, greasy night clubs, the smell of leather, beer and gasoline. In the glorious days when marauding heavy metal bands roam freely across the land, these things aren’t just norms … they’re the law,” Matteo von Bewitcher said. “Take a ride with the ‘Electric Phantoms’ and find out for yourself what the dirty road life is all about.”

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