Satanic horror film ‘Baphomet,’ starring Dani Filth, coming June 8

Cleopatra Entertainment will release the Satanic horror film “Baphomet,” starring Dani Filth, vocalist of Cradle of Filth, on June 8, 2021, on Blu-ray, DVD and digital.

“I really liked the idea of it,” Dani Filth said. “The script was good. It seemed genuinely interesting, esoteric. The premise is great, and I quite liked the idea of the character I was playing … haggard and highly intelligent. It’s kind of apt, you know. I wouldn’t say it’s tongue-in-cheek, I wouldn’t even say it’s role reversal, but it’s similar in the way that Ozzy played a priest in ‘Trick or Treat.’ It’s playing with the genre, mixing it up a little bit, and I think it’s cool, yeah. I think that I’m cut out for the role of an occult investigator, occult philosopher, etc. I could see myself actually doing that role in real life.”

This isn’t Filth’s first film, as he previously starred in the 2001 horror anthology film “Cradle of Fear.”

“Baphomet” is written-directed by Matthan Harris, and also stars Colin Ward (“Mank,” “Criminal Minds”), Giovanni Lombardo Radice (“The Omen,” “City of the Living Dead,” “Cannibal Ferox”) and Nick Principe (“Laid to Rest,” “Chromeskull”).

The film tells the tale of an American family (the Richardsons) celebrating their daughter’s pregnancy, but things begin to go awry when Satanic cult leader Henrik Brandr unexpectedly visits their ranch. Henrik offers to pay the family a large sum for ownership of their land, claiming it is sacred to his congregation. Jacob Richardson, the father, rejects the offer due to the sentimental value of his ranch. Henrik, displeased, begins to put curses on the Richardsons, trying to force them off of their own land—even if it means murdering them. After suffering unexplainable tragedies created by the curses, the Richardsons seek help from Marybeth, a white witch high priestess. They soon discover a terrible secret about their house, revealing why their land is so scared to the cult. They realize that they must protect their house from the cult at all costs, and a violent battle between good and evil ensues.

Pre-orders for the film are now open at the MVD Shop or on Amazon.

Cleopatra Records will release a companion soundtrack on May 14th (pre-order HERE). The first music video from the Soundtrack for the song “Shellshock” featuring Tank with Dani Filth on guest lead vocals can be seen below.

Track listing:

  1. Opening – Fabio Amurri
  2. There Was Somebody Out There – Fabio Amurri
  3. Welcome to Hell – ALIGN THE TIDE
  4. Shark Attack – Fabio Amurri
  5. Shellshock (with Dani Filth) – TANK
  6. It’s A Rattlesnake! – Fabio Amurri
  7. Warmth Of Your Hell – VILE A SIN
  8. Mark – Fabio Amurri
  9. First Blood – NOT MY GOD
  10. It Can Be Done – Fabio Amurri
  11. Discipline – PARANORMALES
  12. Resurrection – Fabio Amurri
  13. Try Death – LUNA 13
  14. What Was That – Fabio Amurri
  15. I’ll See You Soon – Fabio Amurri
  16. Baphomet – Fabio Amurri
  17. The Way This Will End – WITCH OF THE VALE
  18. This is the End – SKOLD

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