Vio-lence readies first original release since 1993

Last year, Vio-Lence released a digital single, “California Uber Alles” (a cover version of the Dead Kennedys classic), via Metal Blade Records. Now the band is set to release a new EP, “Let the World Burn,” its first original release since 1993’s “Nothing to Gain,” in early 2022.

“Let the World Burn” was recorded with Juan Urteaga at Trident Studios in Pacheco, California, with mixing by Tue Madsen.

“Life is meant to be lived, and during that one life, you have an opportunity to truly create memories for yourself and people who share the same time on this planet as you do,” vocalist Sean Killian said. “For 33 years, a creation called ‘Eternal Nightmare’ has been making memories for people around the world. Now, it is time to create some new memories in 2021, and Vio-Lence has now done that for me, and I’m hoping for you, too.

“This resurrection was started in 2019 with a simple text that stated, ‘Let’s do a show.’ At that moment, these five original songs began. I am very proud of the new music we created, and we are fortunate to have worked with some very creative people. Juan Urteaga, who was able to push the band to the edge of insanity to capture the intensity we as a band have always brought to people through our music and our live performances. Tue Madsen put a special touch on our unique mania and brought raw perfection to our sound. Nothing too polished here, unless fragments of glass and broken razor blades are what you consider polished. I love to create, and we hope your heads explode when you hear the new Vio-Lence. Thanks to everyone involved, and especially Metal Blade Records, for giving Vio-Lence the opportunity to blow your minds.”

Vio-lence was formed in 1985 in San Francisco’s East Bay Area. From 1987 to 1992, its lineup included rhythm guitarist Robb Flynn, who went on to form Machine Head.

In addition to Killian, the current Vio-lence lineup features drummer Perry Strickland, bassist Christian Olde Wolbers and guitarists Bobby Gustafson and Phil Demmel.

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