Cannibal Corpse vinyl reissues coming from Metal Blade Records

In fall 2021, legendary death metal band Cannibal Corpse will release vinyl reissues of its classic records “Eaten Back to Life” (1990), “Butchered at Birth” (1991) and “Tomb of the Mutilated” (1992) via Metal Blade Records. Pre-order your copies (which will be shipped in October) at:

“Eaten Back to Life” vinyl reissue versions
– bloodshot translucent vinyl
– sunspot (orange w/ red watercolor ink spots) vinyl

Butchered at Birth” vinyl re-issue versions
– clear smoke vinyl
– shark attack (clear w/ red watercolor ink spots) vinyl

Tomb of the Mutilated” vinyl reissue versions
– red slushie (red w/ white edging) vinyl
– iridescent blue vinyl

Cannibal Corpse online:

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