The Dark Side of the Moon debuts ‘Game of Thrones’ cover ‘Jenny of Oldstones’

The Dark Side of the Moon, consisting of members of Feuerschwanz, Amaranthe and Ad Infinitum, has debuted its reinterpretation of Florence & the Machine’s “Game of Thrones” soundtrack song “Jenny of Oldstones.”

The band–Ad Infinitum singer Melissa Bonny, Feuerschwanz guitarist Hans Platz, Feuerschwanz harpist Jenny Diehl and Amaranthe drummer Morten Løwe Sørensen–released the following statement:

“We are proud and happy to present “Jenny Of Oldstones” – you’ve never heard the song from Game Of Thrones like this! Heavy Metal is incredibly expressive, there are so many ways to form a song’s musical and dynamic look – we create the images and emotions in the listener’s mind just by the power of music. From this came the idea to metalize film music – we bring you Cinematic Metal!

“We can hardly believe it – half a year ago this song was the result of a bet made by Melissa and Hans, but this song led us to something really big – because of this one song Napalm Records signed us, an international band was formed, and now we are hard at work producing a full album! We’ll show you the dark side of songs you thought you knew!”

While The Dark Side of the Moon, which is signed to Napalm Records, is aiming to transform musical themes in cinematography, TV shows and video games into powerful modern metal tracks, it also will write original songs.

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