Ad Infinitum premieres ‘Afterlife’ featuring Amaranthe/Dynazty singer

Symphonic metal band Ad Infinitum as released “Afterlife,” the second single from its upcoming album “Chapter II – Legacy” (Oct. 29, 2021, Napalm Records). The song features the band’s frontwoman, Melissa Bonny, performing alongside Nils Molin of Amaranthe and Dynazty. Watch the video below.

“’Afterlife’ is one of those songs that was an obvious candidate to introduce and represent the sound of our second album,” the band said. “We are proud to present a darker, heavier Ad Infinitum, and we are thrilled to share ‘the stage’ with one of the greatest voices in metal nowadays, mister Nils Molin.”

Molin said: “Ad Infinitum is one of those few bands that with their second album go beyond delivering upon the great promise established by their first release and instead shatter expectations with ‘Chapter II – Legacy!’ I’m hella excited to contribute with my voice and be featured on the haunting and devilishly delicate track and second single release, ‘Afterlife’!”

Pre-order “Chapter II – Legacy” here.

Ad Infinitum previously released “Unstoppable,” the first single from “Chapter II – Legacy.” The video has topped 400,000 view in the month since its release.

With its debut album, “Chapter I – Monarchy” (2020), brought to life in the middle of a global pandemic, Ad Infinitum reached millions of plays on streaming platforms. Furthermore, frontwoman Melissa Bonny consistently is drawn to exciting musical collaborations, as she recently unveiled the new band The Dark Side of the Moon and its bittersweet reinterpretation of Florence & The Machine’s “Game of Thrones” soundtrack song, “Jenny of Oldstones”. In addition, Bonny’s feature with Feuerschwanz on the song “Ding” (Seed-cover) has gained over 2.6 million views on YouTube since its release. Now, she sets her focus back to her main musical force as Ad Infinitum–with Adrian Thessenvitz (guitars), Korbinian Benedict (bass) and Niklas Müller (drums)–prepares to unveil its new opus, “Chapter II – Legacy.”

The record is a melting pot of different influences and a contrast between heavy riffs, sometimes even djent/metalcore-like touches and catchy hook lines and melodies, giving the band’s sophomore album a modern and timeless touch. The lyrics have, just like on the debut album, been inspired by a historical figure. The paradoxical life and afterlife of Vlad the Impaler, also known as Dracula, inspired the themes and questions of this album.

“’Chapter II – Legacy’ holds a very special place in our heart,” the band said. “It represents months and months of hard work of four bandmates, for a result that we are proud to call ‘self-produced.’ For this record, we decided to work without the influence of an external producer during the songwriting process and to team up with Elias Holmlid for the beautiful and epic orchestrations and of course with Jacob Hansen who recorded [vocals], mixed, mastered and participated to the post production. A younger and heavier sound that defines Ad Infinitum like never before.”

Track list:

1. Reinvented
2. Unstoppable
3. Inferno
4. Your Enemy
5. Afterlife (feat. Nils Molin)
6. Breathe
7. Animals
8. Into the Night
9. Son of Wallachia
10. My Justice, Your Pain
11. Haunted
12. Lullaby

“Chapter II – Legacy” will be available in the following formats:

-1 CD Digipak
-1 LP Gatefold BLACK
-1 CD Digipak + Patch (limited to 200 copies worldwide)
-Digital Album

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