SpiritWorld drops ‘The Bringer of Light’ video

SpiritWorld, self-described as “Death Western,” has released a music video for “The Bringer of Light,” from its debut album, “Pagan Rhythms.”

SpiritWorld is the aural vision quest of Stu Folsom, a Las Vegas native who has taken the intensity of that blasted desert heat and given it a voice.

“The film for ‘The Bringer of Light’ has been a long time in the making,” Folsom said. “The director, Todd Hailstone, and I met in high school. He roadied on my first band’s first tour and we lived together at the infamous Hammer Lane junkyard squat when we were young, dirt poor, and wild as fuck. It was incredible to reconnect artistically after all these years and hand the reins over to someone that I have spent hours punishing with my plans for the fiction and film sides of the SpiritWorld project.

“I asked Todd to come up with a treatment that would introduce the world to the characters of ‘Godlessness’ and ‘Pagan Rhythms’ on a budget that should barely cover another tired ‘band in warehouse headbanging’ video, and he was able to completely nail the John-Ford-meets-70s-horror vibe anyway! I am so thankful to all of the talented actors and crew that helped create this video, it turned out super cool, and I can’t wait for people to check it out!”

“Pagan Rhythms” track listing:

 “Pagan Rhythms” (5:16)
“The Bringer of Light” (2:05)
“Unholy Passages” (3:54)
“Night Terrors” (3:00)
“The Demon Storm” (3:43)
“Armageddon Honkytonk & Saloon” (3:18)
“Godless” (3:09)
Comancheria” (3:10)
“Ritual Human Sacrifice” (3:49)

Conceived entirely by Folsom and produced by Sam Pura (The Story So Far, Self Defense Family), songs like “Comancheria” or the blast-beat propelled “Unholy Passages,” courtesy of drummer Thomas Pridgen (The Mars Volta/Trash Talk)–who plays on half the album with ex-Apiary skinsman Adam Elliot playing on the other–are unforgettable.
SpiritWorld will begin its long ride this fall, playing one of its inaugural performances for “Pagan Rhythms” at Decibel Magazine’s Metal & Beer Fest, set for Dec. 10 and 11, 2021, in Los Angeles.

“It’s about trying to write killer songs and craft a classic record,” said Folsom, whose love for the likes of George Jones or the legendary L.A. punk band X runs as deep as his metallic roots. “With ‘Pagan Rhythms,’ I set out to distill my love of thrash, old school death metal, and hardcore into something new that would hit like a tomahawk right in the face. When I first started telling people about this idea I had to merge Western imagery, horror fiction, and heavy metal into an all-out sonic assault, it seemed ridiculous. But I truly believe that if you make great records, people are a lot more willing to embrace your weirdness and come along for the ride.”

After receiving a limited release in 2020 on Safe Inside Records, “Pagan Rhythms” will be re-released on November 5 via Century Media Records and is available (physical) for the first time outside of North America.

The album is up for streaming on your platform of choice and available in the following formats for pre-order: Limited Edition 180g black LP + Art Print (with alternative cover artwork; this format is only available in the first pressing); Limited Edition Apple Red LP + Art Print (with alternative cover artwork; this format is only available in the first pressing and is expected to be shipped in spring 2022); limited CD Digipak; and digital album.

Stu Folsom — Vocals 
Matt Schrum — Guitar 
Randy Moore — Guitar 
Justin Fornof — Bass 
Nick Brundy — Noise
Preston Harper — Drums
Thomas Pridgen — Drums
Adam Elliot — Drums
Sam Pura — Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Ben Verhoek — Back Up Vocals
Reif Barlow — Back Up Vocals

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