Shaman’s Harvest to release new album ‘Rebelator’ on March 11

Shaman’s Harvest will release its new album, “Rebelator,” on March 11, 2022, via Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group. Listen to the new song “Under Your Skin” below. Pre-order “Rebelator” here.

Previously, the band released the singles “Voices” and “Bird Dog,” which also can be heard below. The two songs have combined for more than 2.5 million streams so far.

Singer Nathan Hunt said: “’Under Your Skin’ slams with a four on the floor, high energy, heavy riff that has just enough spooky vibes to fit with a Halloween release. We aspire to have anyone hearing the song bangin’ their head by the second measure.”

Guitarist Josh Hamler said: “’Under Your Skin’ is a song that’s relentlessly coming for ya. From the massive guitar riffs to the thunderous drums and melodic vocal hook, it leaves no doubt …This one slams!”

Shaman’s Harvest has released six albums prior, with a combined 250 million plus streams of the band’s repertoire. The majority of those are in the United States, with 200 million plays. Europe accounts for 45 million, with other continents amassing the additional 5 million. To date, Shaman’s Harvest has sold more than 100,000 albums and 415,000 singles. At radio, the band’s most recent album yielded two top 30 Active Rock singles in “The Come Up” and “Devil in Our Wake.” The prior album, “Smokin’ Hearts and Broken Guns,” enjoyed massive success at the format with four top 40 Active Rock singles, the highest chart position being number 11 for “In Chains.”

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