‘Star Wars’-themed death metal band Ecryptus posts EP teaser

Originally hailing from Korriban, but now stranded in Atlanta, Georgia, Ecryptus plays “Star Wars”-themed death metal, and it has a new EP ready for metalheads across the galaxy. The release of “Kyr’am Beskar’gam” (Mandalorian for “death metal”) follows two demos (2002/2004); “The Continuum” LP (2005); “Astral Crusades” EP (2008) and a 7-inch single “Rancorous” (2018/2020). Each of these tells tales of the Dark Side and its crusade against the tyranny of the rebel forces.

On “Kyr’am Beskar’gam,” four force reckoning tracks will tell stories of the Canon Arcane and will urge you to conscript to the Dark Side. The EP is due out Jan. 14, 2022, via SBDC Records (Slamming Brutal Death Community).

Listen to the following EP teaser and feel the force flow your veins.

Once live shows are a regular occurrence again, Ecryptus is not one to miss. During its dramatic rituals, the band members wear armor and robes and dress the stage with trophies from recent death marks.

The imperial galactic death metal of Ecryptus is recommended for fans of Morbid Angel, Immolation and Suffocation.

“Kyr’am Beskar’gam” track listing:

1. Cauterized Saber Wound Massacre (4:12)
2. Planetary Enslavement (5:07)
3. Compulsion to Disintegrate (4:12)
4. Digested Over a Thousand Years (5:40)

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