Drummer Brian Tichy returns to The Dead Daisies

Drummer Brian Tichy has returned The Dead Daisies, the musical collective currently featuring vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes, lead guitarist Doug Aldrich and rhythm guitarist David Lowy. Tichy replaces Tommy Clufetos, who toured with the band throughout 2021.

“Well, what a nice way to start off 2022,” Tichy said. “I’m excited to get behind the drum kit and do some powerful, groovy rocking with my good friends Doug Aldrich, Glenn Hughes and David Lowy in The Dead Daisies! Looking forward to seeing you all out on tour this year!”

Tichy first joined The Dead Daisies in 2013 and has played regularly with the band ever since, including highlights in Cuba and in Poland with an orchestra at the Woodstock Festival. He also performed on the “Revolución” and “Make Some Noise” albums. He is known for playing with Whitesnake, Foreigner and Ozzy Osbourne, among many others.

“We are thrilled to have Brian return to the Daisies fold,” Lowy said. “He is an exceptional drummer and it’s great to have him taking command of the engine room. Tommy has decided to step away from The Dead Daisies to pursue his own solo projects. We’re really looking forward to getting into the studio and hitting those global stages in 2022.

“A huge thank you to the amazing Tommy Clufetos for rocking out with us. It was awesome to have him as part of the band in 2021. We wish him well!”


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