AngelMaker to release new album ‘Sanctum’ on March 11

Northern Vancouver deathcore sextet AngelMaker will release its new album, “Sanctum,” on March 11, 2022, in association with Blood Blast Distribution. The album will feature the eight songs previously released as two-track quadrants–“Dawn,” “Dusk,” “Twilight” and “Eclipse”–along with six new, previously unreleased songs. Pre-order bundles are available here.

“‘Sanctum’ is an amalgamation of all of our purest, most visceral ideas put into a collection of songs we couldn’t be more proud of,” the band said. “Spawned during the global pandemic, we nurtured these songs throughout long periods of isolation and uncertainty. Despite everything around us, we believe we created some of the best, most mature AngelMaker music to date.”

“Sanctum” track listing:

01. Slaughter
02. Creators Conscience
03. Eating the Body of God
04. Effulgence
05. Vengeance
06. Gutless
07. The Great Grey Flame
08. What I Would Give
09. Oppressive Control
10. Lazarus
11. The Weight
12. Wither (feat. Misstiq)
13. Bloom
14. Exit Signs

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