Tommy Vext/The Lone Wolf releases new single ‘Trust the Science’

Tommy Vext/The Lone Wolf has released a the new single “Trust the Science,” featuring Billboard topping hip-hop artist and TikTok star Topher, to all major platforms.

“‘Trust the Science’ is for all intensive purposes a protest anthem,” Vext said. “It’s a reflection of the damage that happens when people follow blind leaders for solutions that end up causing more harm than good. The song is also a homage to hospital workers and first responders who were unconventionally fired from their jobs for not participating in a mass medical experiment. We see you and we honor your integrity and sacrifice.”

Best known as the former frontman of Bad Wolves, Vext also has been the singer for Divine Heresy, Snot and Westfield Massacre, and had a short stint as the fill-in vocalist for Five Finger Death Punch.

Vext and Bad Wolves split in January 2021 over differences of opinion regarding his social and political ideologies. Bad Wolves has moved on with Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz, former guitarist of The Acacia Strain, as its new singer and released the album “Dear Monsters” in October 2021.

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