Stabbing Westward releases ‘Chasing Ghosts,’ first album since 2001

Industrial rock band Stabbing Westward has released “Chasing Ghosts,” its first new album in more than 20 years, via COP International. Buy it here.

The record features 10 tracks that showcase the band’s characteristic sound with a modern sheen that picks up right where it left off with its last full-length, a self-titled album released in 2001.

“Chasing Ghosts” features new songs, as well as re-workings of the band’s 2020 reunion EP “Dead and Gone.” To recreate the original chemistry, the band recruited producer John Fryer to helm the new album. Fryer, whose production credits include Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, 4AD, Cocteau Twins and Love and Rockets, originally worked with Stabbing Westward on the albums “Ungod” (1994) and “Wither Blister Burn + Peel” (1996). Chasing Ghosts was mastered by Tom Baker, who, like Fryer, worked with Stabbing Westward on its early releases.

The current Stabbing Westward lineup features founding members Christopher Hall (vocals/guitar) and Walter Flakus (keyboards/programming), along with Carlton Bost (guitars/programming) and Bobby Amaro (drums).

With artwork by David Seidman, who has worked with Coheed and Cambria, formats for “Chasing Ghosts” include digital, 6-panel digipack CD and limited-edition vinyl including a run of 2,000 double-gatefold 180gr black vinyl with an additional insert. Exclusive limited-edition merch will be announced soon. The full track listing for “Chasing Ghosts” is as follows:

  1. I Am Nothing
  2. Damaged Goods
  3. Cold
  4. Push
  5. Wasteland
  6. Ctrl Z
  7. Crawl
  8. Dead & Gone
  9. Ghost
  10. The End

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