Lena Scissorhands featuring Death Dealer Union releases ‘Borderlines’ video

Lena Scissorhands featuring Death Dealer Union has released a video for the new song “Borderlines.”

This alternative power metal collaboration was envisioned by drummer and main songwriter CC McKenna, a veteran Los Angeles musician with experience as an actor, model and businessman. Everything started when he and guitarist Doug Weiand started to compose music together during studio jam sessions. After a few songs took shape in the recording studio, they auditioned several lead vocalists before Lena Scissorhands, frontwoman of Moldovan metal band Infected Rain, wrote and featured lead vocals on Death Dealer Union songs.

Buy/stream “Borderlines” here.

“My first song in collaboration with Death Dealer Union … It didn’t just help me stay busy and creative in the times of a big global depression but also worked as therapy in the times of need,” Lena said. “I had fun collaborating with new musicians! Please enjoy ‘Borderlines.'”

“With all the amazing and talented bands of the last decade,” McKenna said, “we wanted to stand apart by capturing some of the foundational aspects of metal and yet weave a strong thread of modern female-fronted nu-metal but with no rules!”


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