Bleed the Sky announces new vocalist, releases new single ‘Rot in Flesh’

Orange County, California’s Bleed the Sky have announced that its new vocalist is Rudy Flores. The band also has released the new single “Rot in Flesh” along with an accompanying music video.

“The lyrics of ‘Rot in Flesh’ represent the choice to overcome negativity from one’s own toxic thoughts and others trying to bring you down,” the band said. “Sonically, this song hints at Bleed the Sky’s new direction and what people can expect from our upcoming releases. This is just the beginning. We are very excited to show you what else this new line-up has to offer.”

Stream/download “Rot in Flesh” here. Watch the video below.

Following two well received albums released on Nuclear Blast Records, “Paradigm in Entropy” (2005) and “Murder the Dance” (2008), Bleed the Sky, which formed in 2003, redefined who it is with the Art Is War Records release “This Way Lies Madness” (2020) and the single “The Devil Will See You Now” (2020). The lineup consists of Austin D’Amond (drums), Wayne Miller (guitars), Kevin Garcia (guitars) and David Culbert (bass guitar), now joined by vocalist Rudy Flores.

The band announced earlier this month that it had parted ways with longtime frontman Noah Robinson.

“Since releasing our last album,’ This Way Lies Madness,’ in Jan of 2020,” the band said, “we have been working hard to consistently put out new music, schedule tours, etc. During this process, we realized as a group, that all band members were not aligned with the future goals for Bleed the Sky. Unfortunately, this meant that we have had to move forward without Noah for the time being. We all love Noah and consider him more than just a friend or bandmate, he is a brother for life. The contribution he has made to Bleed the Sky is immeasurable and we truly wish him the best.”

“We have so much new music that we have been preparing. We brought on a new vocalist with the same drive and passion for recording, and touring, that the rest of the band has. We are excited to share these new releases with you …”

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