We’re Wolves releases metal rendition of Sum 41’s ‘Still Waiting’

We’re Wolves has taken the punk classic “Still Waiting” by Sum 41 and transformed it into a headbang-worthy metal track.

The horror metal band developed a cult following with its hard rock covers that garnered notoriety among the metal community and the original artists. We’re Wolves took the framework of “Still Waiting” and sprinkled in a dose of its signature screams, thundering guitars and metalcore sensibilities. The cover is complete with a parody of the original “Does This Look Infected?” album artwork.

“Sum 41 (to me) was one of the heaviest bands in pop-punk when I was a kid,” We’re Wolves vocalist AJ Diaferio said. “I always loved the way they worked in street punk and heavy metal into their sound. They were super ahead of their time and stood out amongst the mall punk bands. This song always had a special place in my heart, and I’ve been dying to cover this one with the boys. With the current climate that the world is in, it just felt right to breathe some aggressive air into this pop-punk classic. I hope you all love this one as much as we loved making it. All hail Sum 41.”

We’re Wolves is a dark-humored, horror-loving, energetic blend of metal subgenres and hard rock. The band first full-length album, “Evil Things” (Live Metal review), is a diverse collection of songs designed to connect to the sinner in all of us. Based on Dante’s “Divine Comedy,” the album takes the listener on a sonic and lyrics journey through the underworld of hell. The album also contains features from Bryan Kuznitz of Fame on Fire and Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills.

We’re Wolves first burst on to the music scene with a cover of Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff,” which garnered a huge response for the band, with over 1.6 million views on YouTube and 675,000 streams on Spotify. The band’s debut single, “Dissonance,” off its EP “The Hunger,” reached over 400,000 streams, landing it on the Spotify editorial “New Core” playlist.

We’re Wolves has continued to please fans of metal and horror alike, with a cover of “Bodies” by Drowning Pool being featured on Spotify’s “Metal Covers” playlist, and a cover of Disturbed’s “Down with the Sickness” has been revered by the original band.

“Evil Things” has garnered buzz from publications including Loudwire, Revolver Magazine and Outburn Magazine. Live Metal placed the record in its top 10 of 2021 and got all the details on the band last year in an interview with Diaferio. Following the album release, We’re Wolves appeared at the Florida horror convention Spooky Empire. Now the band is gearing up for even more heavy music haunts in 2022.

Listen to “Evil Things” on all DSPs, and follow We’re Wolves here for upcoming shows and updates.

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