Matt Heafy’s Ibaraki releases ‘Rashomon’ album, shares ‘Kagutsuchi’ video

Trivium singer and guitarist Matthew Kiichi Heafy has released “Rashomon,” the long-awaited and much-anticipated album from his Ibaraki project today, May 6, 2022, via Nuclear Blast Records. 

Get “Rashomon” on CD, vinyl, cassette, and T-Shirt and CD bundle here. Listen to the album on all streaming platforms here.

Ibaraki also has shared the “Kagutsuchi” video. The song is a very important one in the project’s history.

“‘Kagutsuchi’ is the turning point in my relationship to black metal,” Heafy said. “Before crafting this piece, I believed I needed to stick to all the tropes of tradition—I didn’t believe that I was able to attach my name to keep something legitimately black metal.”

He continued” “Befriending Ihsahn and having him as a mentor showed me that being true to oneself is far more important than being true to a genre. Ihsahn freed my mind and encouraged the sharpening of the tools needed to begin Ibaraki properly.”

“The very recorded guitar tracks in this final album are actually from 2010/2011. This album is an auditory time-capsule of my journey in creating Ibaraki. ‘Kagutsuchi’ was the first song I wrote after I had begun my tutelage under Ihsahn,” Heafy finished.

“Kagutsuchi” features a guest bass solo by Trivium’s Paolo Gregoletto.

“Rashomon” track listing:

“Hakanaki Hitsuzen”
“Jigoku Dayū”
Tamashii No Houkai
Akumu” (Feat. Nergal)
Rōnin” (Feat. Gerard Way)
“Susanoo No Mikoto” (Feat. Ihsahn)

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