The 69 Eyes share new single ‘Call Me Snake’

The 69 Eyes have released the new single “Call Me Snake,” described as “a dark summer hit, mixing an ‘80s gothic vibe with hard rocking guitars” and “The Stooges meeting early Ministry and ‘90s horror movies.”

“It’s 1997 in John Carpenter’s ‘Escape from New York’ sci-fi classic and Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken saves the world,” vocalist Jyrki 69 said. “These are the thematic elements for ‘Call Me Snake’ and the world will be saved again!”

The band is set to release a limited edition vinyl EP, “Drive,” on Sept. 16, 2022, featuring the previously released title track, “Call Me Snake,” the new song “California” and a bonus live song, “Two Horns Up.” Pre-order the EP here.

Additionally, The 69 Eyes recently announced tours in Europe in November and December 2022, with industrial pioneers Ministry and horror rocker Wednesday 13. Stay up to date with the band’s upcoming live dates, including a variety of summer festivals, here.

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