Dead Eyed Creek releases second single ‘Viscid Dreams’

Dead Eyed Creek, the ‘90s-influenced band featuring Job Bos (Satyricon, Dark Fortress, The Ruins of Beverast) and Norman Lonhard (ex-Triptykon), has released its second single, “Viscid Dreams,” from its still-untitled debut album, which is currently in the mixing and mastering process and is due to be released in early 2023.

“The riffs in ‘Viscid Dreams’ are the first I ever wrote and it has this raw and wild feel to it,” Bos said. “It’s very straight to the point, groovy and carries a lot of the band’s history.”

Vocalist Einar Vilberg said: “The lyrics are about being wrongfully accused for something you didn’t do and people lying about you and trying to ruin your reputation behind your back. Just like people used to burn ‘witches’ in the old days.”

With director Dave Meester, the band produced an official music video for the single, which can be seen below.

The single cover artwork once again was designed by New Orleans artist Alex Hood, who already made the cover for the first single “Set Me Free.”

The video for “Set Me Free,” produced by Matt Mahurin (Alice in Chains, U2, Metallica), also can be seen below.

In fall 2019, guitarist and band founder Job Bos (Satyricon, Dark Fortress, The Ruins of Beverast), approached longtime friend and drummer Norman Lonhard (ex-Triptykon) with the idea of creating music together.

“I’ve been working with music for over half of my life,” Bos said. “This time I felt the need to go far back to my roots, play the kind of music I grew up with. I never really played guitar but I had all these ideas in my head, so the only way to realize these ideas was to actually pick up a guitar and start. It was such a natural and rewarding process and it turned out pretty damn good!”

Now Dead Eyed Creek is gearing up to release its debut album. The international four-piece has recorded 11 songs with German producer Michael Zech at Q7 studios in Munich.

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