Volbeat shares ‘Becoming’ music video

Multi-platinum Danish band Volbeat has shared a new music video for “Becoming,” from its album “Servant of the Mind” (Republic Records). The video captures the band on the road during the past three Volbeat tours, and was edited and directed by Brittany Bowman.

“It is a tribute to the mighty Entombed and our good friend L.G. Petrov, who sadly passed away,” vocalist/guitarist Michael Poulsen said of the song. “When we were about to record ‘Becoming,’ it has that opening riff that is really inspired by Entombed, and we thought, ‘Why not use that same Boss HM-2 pedal on it that Entombed was known for using.’ That pedal is the signature Swedish distorted guitar sound, and is sounds disgustingly good. After we recorded the song, we got the news of L.G.’s passing and decided to dedicate the song to him since Entombed was the inspiration behind that riff. ‘Becoming’ is for you, my dear friend. Cheers!”

“Servant of the Mind,” released in December 2021, is available in standard CD, deluxe 2LP vinyl (in various limited-edition variants) and a deluxe digital edition here.

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