LIVE RECAP: Wednesday 13 – 09/22/22 – Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, Maryland


By Greg Maki

The crowd was on the small side for Wednesday 13 on a Thursday night in Baltimore, but those who were there were treated to an exceptional, career-spanning performance from the one and only Duke of Spook.

With no theatrics beyond the band members’ makeup and a few minor costume changes, the focus was entirely on the music, with Wednesday and his band cranking out one undead anthem after another. Drawing songs from nearly every major release in his career, the set list for the appropriately titled “20 Years of Fear” tour had a little something for everyone, including three songs from Wednesday’s upcoming release, “Horrifier” (Oct. 7, 2022, Napalm Records).

Wednesday 13

Midway through the set, Wednesday dedicated “Nowhere” to his late Murderdolls bandmate Joey Jordison, saying it was Joey’s favorite song they ever did together. He then played two more tracks made famous by Murderdolls (though originally recorded by Wednesday’s pre-Murderdolls band Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13), “Die My Bride” and “Graverobbing USA.” (“I Love to Say Fuck,” a mainstay throughout Wednesday’s career, also was listed on the set list but not played.)

Other highlights of the set included songs from Wednesday’s solo debut, “Transylvania 90210” (2005)—“I Want You … Dead” and “Bad Things” in particular—plus the menacing, ultra heavy new track “Insides Out.”

As a fan of Wednesday 13 dating back to the first Murderdolls album, I got almost everything I wanted out of this show. (“Happily Ever Cadaver” would’ve made it a perfect set list.) With the spooky season upon us and the band in top form, there’s no better time to see Wednesday 13.

WEDNESDAY 13 SET LIST: “Blood Sucker,” “You’re So Hideous,” “Scream Baby Scream,” “Look What the Bats Dragged In,” “Get Your Grave On,” “From Here to the Hearse,” “I Want You … Dead,” “Serpent Society,” “Good Day to Be a Bad Guy,” “Nowhere,” “Die My Bride,” “Graverobbing USA,” “Insides Out,” “Decompose,” “Keep Watching the Skies,” ”Home Sweet Homicide,” “I Walked with a Zombie,” “Bad Things”

Buy “Horrifier”

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