Wednesday 13 shares video for ‘Good Day to Be a Bad Guy’ from new album ‘Horrifier’

Wednesday 13 has released a video for the song “Good Day to Be a Bad Guy” from his new album “Horrifier” (Oct. 7, 2022, Napalm Records; order here).

The new video follows the first single “You’re so Hideous” and one of his heaviest outputs yet, “Insides Out.”

“‘Good Day to Be a Bad Guy’ is one of my favorite tracks off the new album,” Wednesday said. “This track definitely has an earlier Wednesday 13 sound to it, with the horror punk hammer in full swing and excessive use of the ‘F’ word.

‘The video carries on with the horror movie theme with another tribute to one of my favorite films from the ’80s, ‘Halloween III: Season of the Witch.'”

Showcasing a blend of styles plucked from the band’s 20-year career, “Horrifier” weaves an underlying sonic thread reminiscent of Wednesday 13’s roots–a raucous blend of ballistic metal and macabre heavy rock. As always, various tracks on the album are inspired by classic horror flicks, this time circling cult-favorite slasher “Halloween” and the iconic supernatural thriller “Christine.”

“The last three releases have seen the band explore new ground with heavier songs, drums and vocals,” Wednesday said. “Coming out of the COVID crisis, I promised I would not release a sad, depressing record. I wanted to make a fun, horror themed rock record that would be reminiscent of the first few Wednesday 13 records. The new album is a fun, fast-paced, thriller!”

Wednesday 13’s ninth full-length album kicks off with eerie introductory track “Severed” before careening into one of the band’s heaviest songs ever recorded, the massive, slow and low “Insides Out,” accented by hair-raising guitar leads and slithering vocals. The aggressive, industrial-edged “Exhume and Devour” and warning sing-along single “You’re so Hideous” pick up the pace with danceable ’90s sonic vigor, while “Good Day to Be a Bad Guy” aces the pure horror punk spirit of Murderdolls. The anthem “Return to Haddonfield,” inspired by John Carpenter’s “Halloween,” convinces with marching gang vocals and a metallic guitar solo before the pace picks up again on fast-riffing, mosh-ready title track. Southern-fried, metal-tinged “Hell Is Coming” is one of the album’s best displays of stylistic versatility, accented by a commanding vocal performance while pumping out a thrash-worthy breakdown and blues rock solo. “Halfway to the Grave” sees the band echoing ’80s flavor accented by memorable leads and imploring lyrics before leading into the charging “Christine”-themed “Christine: Fury in the Night,” featuring pounding drums, an unforgettable hook and a transfixing guitar lead. “Horrifier” closes with its most heartfelt track, “The Other Side,” a personal ode Wednesday penned about the sudden loss of his mother, as well as former Murderdolls bandmate Joey Jordison that also shines as an anthem made further pertinent after recent years of intense worldwide loss and reflection.

“Horrifier” was produced and recorded by Wednesday 13 with mixing and mastering by Brent Clawson and features album artwork by Jonny Bush.

Horrifier” track listing:

1. Severed
2. Insides Out
3. Exhume and Devour
4. You’re so Hideous
5. Good Day to Be a Bad Guy
6. Return to Haddonfield
7. Horrifier
8. Hell Is Coming
9. Halfway to the Grave
10. Christine: Fury in the Night
11. The Other Side

“Horrifier” is available for pre-order in the following formats:

  • 1-CD Digisleeve
  • 1-LP Gatefold BLACK
  • 1-CD Digisleeve + Shirt – Napalm mail order only
  • 1-LP Gatefold SPLATTER RED/WHITE/BLACK w/ Ouija Board incl. Planchette – Napalm mail order only, limited to 500 worldwide
  • Digital Album

Wednesday 13 is touring across North America on his “20 Years Of Fear” tour, featuring a career-spanning set list. The tour is in its final stretch as it makes its way through Canada and the Midwest, before heading out to the West Coast.

Tour dates:

10/6/2022 – Ottawa, ON – Brass Monkey
10/7/2022 – Toronto, ON – Rockpile
10/8/2022 – Toronto, ON – Rockpile
10/9/2022 – Westland, MI – Token Lounge
10/11/2022 – Cleveland, OH – Masonic Asylum Room
10/12/2022 – Chicago, IL – WC Social Club
10/14/2022 – Des Moines, IA – Lefty’s
10/15/2022 – Lincoln, NE – Royal Grove
10/16/2022 – Wichita, KS – Temple Live Annex
10/17/2022 – Fort Worth, TX – Rail Club
10/18/2022 – San Antonio, TX – Paper Tiger
10/20/2022 – Tucson, AZ – The Rock
10/21/2022 – Las Vegas, NV – Count’s Vamp’d
10/22/2022 – Palmdale, CA – Transplant Brewing Co.
10/23/2022 – Anaheim, CA – The Parish @ House Of Blues

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